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Do you desire to live close to nature, grow your own fruits and veggies, and make and use sustainable energy?

You can create your own district with like-minded people in a large, open homestead. And the Exit and Build Land Summit III can show you the best options available.  


What’s the Exit and Build Land Summit III About?

The Exit and Build Land Summit III is an event that helps individuals map out a realistic plan for buying land, building a community, or joining one, and then living independently.

Participants can join virtually or in person and are inspired to get their freedom community this year or the next without making excuses.

This year’s summit is scheduled for May 18th – 22nd at the Bastrop Convention Center in Bastrop, Texas. Between May 19th and 21st, there will be various presentations and workshops.

Also, in-person attendees will have the opportunity to go on off-site property tours to local farms for more hands-on training on permaculture and regenerative agriculture between May 18th and 22nd.

The event brings together global experts in important aspects of freedom such as permaculture, off-grid living, rural real estate, and lots more. Some of the speakers include:

  • Michael Reynolds, an American Architect who pioneered the development of the Earthship
  • Geoff Lawton, the world’s most renowned and sought-after Permaculture teacher and designer on the planet
  • Curtis Stone, Freedom Farmers & FromTheField.tv
  • Jack Spirko, creator of the largest podcast on survivalism in the world, The Survival Podcast

In the previous summit, over 18,000 people registered to watch it online. Also, over 450 people attended live in Bastrop, Texas (more than 4x the number of people from the first summit).

So, you don’t want to miss the Exit and Build Land Summit III because it’s now bigger and better.


The Exit and Build Land Summit II in 2022 at the Bastrop Convention Center in Central Texas in-person and virtually.

Key Benefits of Attending the Exit and Build Land Summit III

Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn at the summit:

  • The truth about technocracy and transhumanism and how to escape it
  • The crucial factors to making a permaculture way of life work
  • The 6 principles of building a beautiful, sustainable, and resilient Earthship out of recycled garbage
  • How to go from dreaming about owning your homestead and community to putting a plan in place
  • How to ensure you always have food on the dinner table and how to maximize your food production in any-sized yard (or no yard at all)

Although attending virtually is great, coming in live grants you access to networking with other attendees, explosive presentations from select experts in homesteading, country living, community building, and lots more.


How Much Does the Exit and Build Land Summit III Cost?

The summit is free but you have to register now to reserve your slot. However, you can upgrade to the Virtual Immersion Pass if you want lifetime access to all the presentations, workshops, and Q&A sessions. 

You can also attend the summit in-person to access various bonuses. You should note that the farm tours require you to purchase a $40 ticket per participant.

The Bottomline

We live in a world where our lives are monitored through tiny cameras and we’re confined to small cities with stringent laws that cause more harm than good. But we can breathe some fresh air by choosing to go nature’s way. 

The Exit and Build Land Summit III is a tested and proven platform for people who desire sustainable rural living; a life away from the trapped cities.

So, if this resonates with you, ensure to register to participate in the summit.